Workshops & Integrated Learning

Most of my educational programs are created collaboratively and thematically. From one-off workshops to more deeply integrated experiences, I enjoy creating workshops and curriculum that reflect my interests in Art, Environment, Place and Process.

Most often curriculum, workshops or other learning experiences are developed in connection with the focus of my current work or project which could range from explorations in sound, to wetlands restoration, seeds or kite-making to upcycled projects and products.

Most workshops can be tailored for any age group from preschoolers to elders and everywhere in between. The collaborative focus of much of my work is also a strong component of workshop development. I work with a range of co-facilitators to develop engaging, educational and interesting workshops with a clear focus and tangible outcomes.


SEED Exploratorium: Five Senses Art and Science Curriculum

Sound Journeys Workshop

Harwood Recycled Art Workshops


"What's in the Water"

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