Seed Biomimetics Scroll
In West Bengal, India there is a tradition of musical storytelling with illustrated scrolls painted by artists called Patuas. Patua art is dynamic and informative and Patuas adapt their work to changing times and topics. The “Seed Biomimetics Scroll” is my version of a Patua scroll, which tells two biomimetic stories of seeds. Biomimetics or biomimicry uses the examination and emulation of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to solve human problems or inspire new designs. The two illustrated series on this scroll are imaginative representations of current research topics in the field of biomimetics: smart-fabrics, inspired by pinecones and nontoxic antifouling strategies for ships and harbors, inspired by palm seeds. This “Seed Biomimetics Scroll” is a score to encourage and inspire new stories of biomimcry in our world today.

Medium: Pen and ink drawings printed on fabric, pine wood frame, rolling pins and hardware installed with 8 original interpretive drawings of biomimetics research
Scroll Dimensions: 24” tall x 16” deep x 17.5” wide           

8 Original Drawings Inspired by Biomimetics Research                                   
Pinecone - Smart Fabric Drawing Series (4 Drawings)
Palm Seed – Ship Antifouling Drawing Series (4 Drawings)
Medium: Pen and ink drawings on Strathmore Bristol paper Dimensions: 8.25”x8.25” – 8.5”x11.25”

Founders Show, SEptember 2015, OCHO Art + Event Space, Questa, New Mexico
SEED 3, October, 2011, Stables Gallery, Taos New Mexico