Capillaries Merge and Patterned Ground
This piece arose from an obsession with patterned ground - the cracks and capillaries of the earth. After photographing hundreds of sections of patterned ground, I wanted to insert myself into the pattern and acknowledge the interdependence and life cycles of water and carbon with my body and the earth.

I became fascinated with the cracks below my feet in the incredibly vast salt flats under the open sky near Wendover, UT. These cracks reminded me of the capillaries that run throughout my body. The variety of colors and textures caught my attention as I walked three miles over the salt flats. I was fascinated by the footprint of interaction between water and earth, the process of evaporation. Later I learned the word for these irregular polygons, “patterned ground.” I became preoccupied with searching for patches of patterned ground as I traveled across the American Southwest. This panel is the result of my patterned ground obsession. Displayed here are 100 3”x3” photos, documenting a journey across 9,000 miles through 5 different U.S. and 1 Mexican states.

''Rock Capillaries'' is a series created through exploration of drawing with found minerals. Capillaries are the conduits of life. This series makes visible these conduits in objects which are most often considered inanimate.

Patterned Ground.jpg