Claire's interdisciplinary practice synthesizes her passions for art, education, social and environmental justice. Collaboration with others is an important strand in her work. As an artist and curator, Claire has worked with the US National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management, as well as the Global Geoparks Network on commissions, residencies and site-based environmental artworks and events. Claire’s latest projects, DREAMING PLACE and Radio Dreaming, with English artist, Anna Keleher, takes the form of an adventure into the ecosystems, heritage and dreams of the cross-border, Marble Arch Caves Geopark in the Irish borderlands.

Claire holds a Bachelors in Fine Art and Cultural Anthropology from the University of New Mexico (summa cum laude, 2004) and a Masters in Art and Ecology from Dartington College of Arts in Devon, England (distinction, 2008). Claire's anthropological training and global travels inform her work. Her respect for the diversity of planetary ecology and the geo-socio-cultural particularities of Place are the basis for her commitment to environmental and social justice and life-long learning.

Claire's artwork has been exhibited in traditional art venues and galleries as well as libraries, universities, museum bookshops, cafes, visitor centers, on radio stations, along historic site trails and city bridges and even been taken out for walks. She has shown and aired works across New Mexico and Colorado, Chicago, UK and Europe. In 2009 she founded the environmental art initiative LEAP (Land Experience and Art of Place) and became co-curator with the art and education project, SEED. Claire’s web design skill set grew out of a necessity to represent her own projects online. The needs of her own projects and requests from friends to create or upgrade websites led to a small client base and in 2010, Claire began her small, home-based web-support business, Coté Concepts. Claire also serves as a board member for the Questa Creative Council, and collaborates closely with Localogy, a NM nonprofit organization dedicated to outdoor experiential education and sustainable living. Born and raised in Northern New Mexico, Claire lives with her husband and young daughters in their off-grid home in Sunshine Valley.