Pollination: the transferal of pollen from the male structure of a plant to the female structure of a plant to fertilize it.

Propagation: the reproduction of a plant or animal; the multiplication of plants by the use of seeds or cuttings; the spreading of ideas or customs to many people; the movement or transmission of something forward in space, especially as a light or sound wave.

Harvest: to gather a crop for use or sale; to reap the results of past or prior actions or behavior, whether good or bad.
These are powerful words. They provide potent descriptions of both the reproduction of plants and life itself. This simple sound piece, woven with audio strands from a season in my garden, is a celebration of these three interdependent actions. It honors the many pollinators, propagators and harvesters of our planet – from the microscopic to the macrocosmic. May they continue to flourish.