DREAMING PLACE (2011) Project Link -  www.dreamingplace.eu

DREAMING PLACE is an experimental new project by Anna Keleher (Devon) and Claire Coté (New Mexico), investigating dúlra – ecosystem; dúchas– heritage; aisling – dream. Based on an ancient Celtic tradition in which the land remembers everything, the project explores “dreams of place” and how the land speaks through the dreamer. This traveling residency inhabited Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark in the borderlands of Ireland for 40 days and 40 nights in June and July, 2011. The artists devised novel techniques for deep immersion in the diverse natural, cultural and dream ecologies of these X-border homelands. Although their fieldwork is now complete, the project continues as Claire and Anna interpret “data” gathered from the Geopark, through their blog and online archive, Radio Dreaming broadcasts, collaborative drawing installations, and the creation of the “Place-Dreamer’s Handbook”.