How Far From How Are We? (2008 – 2011)

This work is the collaborative outcome of a European voyage by land and sea, an “illustrated radio journey”. A collaboration between Rebecca Beinart, Anna and Mark Keleher and I, Claire (Long) Coté, the project was an improvised adventure experienced through road networks and ferry lines from Totnes, UK to Helsinki, Finland and back in a small van.

On-site recordings, ambient sounds, creative reflection and narration chronicle the 16 border crossings in just 17 days and are woven together to give listeners audible hints of the experiences of the journey. Collaborative pen and ink drawings created over bumpy roads and by the light of headlamps offer illustrated glimpses. Tally-sticks whittled along the way provide a sculptural “account” of the expedition.

The illustrated radio journey lives here on the web and through a series of coordinated installations and radio broadcasts.