Artist Statement

I believe in the direct power of the image, the power of sound, sensation and experience. Suspending preconceptions allows us to “see” and experience interdependence. For me art creates windows into this network of interdependence and portholes into the systems of life. My work explores human and nonhuman worlds, diverse environments and the many ecological relationships within them, through experimentation across mediums - drawing, sound, radio, books, interactive scrolls, installation and photography. It is a study of “place,” and its influence on human survival, behavior, interaction and creation. My practice reflects my curiosity and interest in interdependence and the phenomena of communication and illusion. I make art to see worlds within worlds, and to give shared form to individual experience and individual form to shared experience. I make art to expose and question structure, connections and fabrication. I make art to loosen the senses. I make art to undermine stagnation, abuse, perceived stability and “the ego.” I work with immeasureables, unquantifiables and questions of authenticity. I invent words. I experiment.