"New Exhibit Plants Viewers in the World of Seeds," by Billy Singleton, Boulder Weekly, June 23, 2016

Radio Feature, "Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness", A Las Ocho, KRZA 88.7 fm, April 22, 2014
Onsite recordings and interviews exploring the educational workshops and process behind the Earth Day youth art exhibition, "Seeds: Time Capsules of Wilderness".

Under the Blanker of the Land: ClaireandAnna, Radio Dreaming by Tracey Warr, a-n Interface, March 28, 2014
Review of "Radio Dreaming" by art writer and novelist Tracey Warr.

“Radio Dreaming in Cavan and Fermanagh” by Yasmin Maassarani, Cavan Living, http://www.cavanliving.ie, Cavan, Ireland February 12, 2014

"The Matter of Technology – Why it Matters", by Anita McKeown, Journal of the New Media Caucus, FALL 2013: V.09 N.03 ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness

"Radio Dreaming" Radio Interview, "A Las Ocho" KRZA, March, 2013

“‘Radio Dreaming’ Series to air locally Taos News, Taos New Mexico, November 27, 2013

“Pair to Present “Radio Dreaming’”Taos News, Taos New Mexico, March 27, 2013

Radio Dreaming Pod Tour Interview with Danny Downy and Paddy, Cavan Community Radio, Cavan, Ireland, May 1, 2013

Radio Dreaming Pod Tour VideoFashion and Lifestyle” with Siohban Harton, Cavan TV, Drumlin Media, April 2013

'SEED Exhibition engages students: The Beginning of Everything', by Mathew Van Burren, Taos News, October 25, 2012

'SEED 4' Explores a Growing Concern in Taos, Tempo Staff, Tempo, Taos News, October 4, 2012

Geopark Radio The Impartial Reporter, Fermanagh N. Ireland, 5 July 2012

International Artists to Spend 40 days and 40 nights at Marble Arch Caves”, Impartial Reporter, County Fermanagh, N. Ireland, 9 June, 2011

The Taos Artists of 'SEED 3' Express Visions of Fruitful Imagination, by Rick Romancito, Tempo cover article, Taos News, October 7, 2011

LEAP featured on Temporary Art Review's Site/Project Profiles, Temporary Art Review, September, 2011

An interview with Claire Coté about LEAP-Land Experience and Art of Place, posted by Temporary Art Review editor, Nancy Zastudil.

The Taos artists of 'SEED 3' express visions of fruitful imagination", Rick Romancito, Taos News, October 6, 2013

This article was the cover feature of the Taos News (local newspaper for the town of Taos), for the week of October 6th. The article describes the philosophy of 'SEED' and provides specifics about this year's exhibition. In the printed version six large images of SEED 3 artwork were featured.

'SEED 3' - KRZA Radio, A Las Ocho, KRZA 88.7 fm, October 2011

Radio feature about SEED 3 for KRZA Radio 88.7 fm, by news contributor and A Las Ocho producer, Lisa Goldman.

"DREAMING PLACE 60wrd/min review by Lori Waxman" DREAMING PLACE was reviewed by 60wrd/min art critic, Lori Waxman as part of “The Exchange”, Cornwall UK. Click here to read review.

"Learn at NeoRio", Taos News, September 2011

The focus of this article is the video outcome, "What's in the Water" to be premiered at NeoRio 2011. The video was the result of an educational collaboration between LEAP, Wild Earth Studio and Jennifer Vialpando's Questa Junior High Art Class. The article described NeoRio, hosted by the BLM and organized by LEAP and Wild Earth Studio.

"Improvised Cultural Adventure," Taos News, April 2011

This article in the "Taos News"  features "How Far From Home Are We?", an exhibition and multi-sensory installation at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, of the collaborative project by Anna Keleher, Claire Coté and Rebecca Beinart.

"Going to Outlandia" by Tracey Warr, August 2010. 

“Capturing the Motion of Your Gait” referenced in Tracey Warr’s blog her blog post exploring motion and mobility in the arts. One of the examples she uses is our project “Capturing the Motion of Your Gait”. Check out the post here.

"Recycled Art for Kids", Taos News, April 2010

This Taos News article alerts the community of the three Saturday workshops facilitatied by Siena Sanderson and Claire Long (Coté) exploring the wonders of recycled/upcycled art with a spring theme, including larger than life birds, eggs an nests. http://www.taosnews.com/entertainment/article_35bbed65-bf63-58dc-ba4d-01b8f5b39a8c.html

“Approaching an Exchange” featured on Extreme Media Studies Website, January 2010

As part of the LAND/ART project in New Mexico in the fall of 2009, Extreme Media Studies created an online exhibition of works from the many projects and exhibitions. Visit the online exhibition here.

“Approaching an Exchange” featured in the book, LAND/ART New Mexico, December 2009

This culminating book for the LAND/ART project, features documentation of the large-scale collaborative project that took place in Albuquerque, NM in the fall of 2009 and involved over 25 organizations and over 200 artists, writers and performers (including us!).

“Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor”, Dartmoor Magazine, Issue 93, page 25, December 2008

Featured as an article in the arts pages of the monthly magazine.

“Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor” – Radio interview on BBC Radio Devon The project, “Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor” was featured in an interview with David Squires on “Devon Lives”, BBC Radio Devon, aired August 30 and September 2, 2008.

Restful Expression; Artist's Debut Exhibition is a Celebration of the Natural World, by Rick Romancito, Taos News, January 2007

An article announcing Claire Long (Coté's) first solo exhibition in Taos, "Color by Osmosis."