Web Design and Support

I have an active practice in designing, creating and maintaining websites as well as consulting with individuals, organizations and small businesses to establish and maintain their online presence.

I am self taught. I started by creating my own websites and sites for my projects. Along the way, I've also worked with and learned from web designer and artist, Paul DuCoudray and graphic designer, Min Jae Hong, among other mentors.

My clients tend to be artists, cultural creatives, authors and small nonprofit organizations and businesses. I specialize in creating sites that can be self-managed and updated by clients or easily updated by me or another web manager of their choosing. (See links at right for examples.)

I have helped clients start a website from scratch, guided them through the process of organizing their thoughts and public face, helped upgrade or maintain existing sites, as well as provided support and assistance with E-Newsletter campaigns, blogs and social networking strategies.

If you are an artist, author, musician, small business owner or non-profit director looking to create a website that you can maintain yourself, I just might be able to help! I offer competitive and reasonable rates.

Give me a shout and we'll work something out: email(at)clairecote.com